The Beginning

2020, Jan 01    

When writing an introduction about myself it always proves to be tricky, none more so than when its for a website that has gone through many iterations and references the quirky parts of a love for technology. As this site design is once again new (and without reference to older projects), it makes sense not to dwell over old projects lost, but to focus on projects new.
With that said, a quick summary of me:

  • Born in the 80's
  • Grew up working on everything from a CPC464 to an IBM XT
  • College and University (as programming on a C16 hadn't traumatised me enough)
  • Working in the industry with many facets of technology (networking/storage/virtualization/security)

An obligatory quote as well:

You are relentless!
From a colleague regarding my determination to fix something broken

The love of technology

I grew up around technology from an early age, ranging from Amstrads and Commodores to early x86 systems (and even some quirkier ones, anyone remember the IBM PS/2?). While most of it resulted in frustration (and a desire for a screen that wasn't green/amber), I did develop a love for its quirks and what it was trying to achieve. Even when writing this, I still miss the very first PC I bought (a Wang 286) despite it being archaic by today's standards and weighing as much as a small car. This may go some way towards explaining why I enjoy collecting old pieces of technology and tinkering with them (despite the frustrations that they bring)..

The switch to security

Security in general had always been significant to me for as long as I can remember. Recalling the days of running Windows Server 2000/2003 on a 256Kb/s broadband connection, only to watch it get taken down by an attacker within minutes is a good refresher of why I started to look at things differently. The switch to Linux, the minimising of component footprints, service segregation and isolation, all part of the logical progression of my move towards IT security.

I hope you enjoy the content within this site :-)