Gig: Ibiza Classics

2023, Oct 01    

As it has been a while since I've written about something that isn't related to technology I figured what better way to pick up the pen than to talk about a recent visit to London, specifically to visit the Royal Albert Hall.

Without a doubt it has been a long time since I visited the RAH, with the last time being to hear classical music played to the accompaniment of cannons (very interesting to say the least!). This time however it was for a different genre of music, specifically a selection of Ibiza classics over the years (in combination with the Ministry of Sound).

I've seen a lot of these type of events advertised (oddly I've seen it on a local lamppost as well, how's that for subliminal advertising!) which I will admit left me somewhat apprehensive as to how good it might be. Thankfully (spoilers ahead) it was actually great!

The ceiling deco with the Ministry of Sound logo is a nice touch

In no surprise to anyone (hopefully) the venue is very smart, with a good seating arrangement for almost all of the seats. I'm not sure why you would choose to sit behind the orchestra in a high position, but I suspect that is personal preference for some. The only let-down from the venue at all was that of the bars within, as I still maintain that no venue needs a 'Stella' bar (sponsorship is one thing, but don't try and force peoples hand).

The atmosphere building, and the large screens on display

As for the event, in a word, amazing! The warm-up DJ (Beat A Maxx) played a mix of dance tracks from the 90's through to present day (and a really good selection at that), and then came the main event shortly after. To start was a short video created by the Ministry of Sound (from some of the most famous Ibiza DJ's) talking about how one album (The Annual II) shaped generations to come.

A fraction of the orchestra getting their photo taken

As for the start of the main event, it definitely didn't disappoint! I had expected it to start with something slow and then build, but no, straight into Sandstorm by Darude. As you can imagine (if this is music you like) this had the crowd immediately on their feet (which set the scene for the rest of the event).

What followed was a beautiful mix of different tunes throughout the years, with vocals performed by a mix of singers throughout, leading up to the ultimate finale. Their final song was that of Insomnia by Faithless, with the pipe organ taking the lead. What a way to finish!

The orchestra in full flow, complete with fireworks