Gig: The Sherlocks

2022, Apr 24    

In yet another change to the regular schedule of tech articles and travel stories, this week is about another recent gig worth mentioning given the experience. Seeing The Sherlocks for the first time was in one word epic, and definitely justifies the ticket to see them later again this year.


In what I can say was definitely a first for me, the venue this time was a boat (Thekla) located in Bristol. Converted into a venue and seeing its fair share of bands, this definitely wins the award for strangest venue I've been to.

Taking aside the fact its not a fixed venue (and was leaning by the end) its actually laid out well. Two bars (one upstairs/one downstairs), a smoking terrace on the top, and the obvious stage area / standing room. The only downside to speak of was that of the sticky floors and beer smell (a little too nightclub-ish), which is somewhat to be expect but a little let-down all the same.

Getting into the venue was a breeze, due in part to the smaller capacity than most venues. One small queue later and it was drinks at the bar and seating on the terrace to enjoy the sun (and an added treat).


Honestly, brilliant. The vocals were on point, the riffs sounded amazing, the interaction with the crowd helped make it a great evening, and actually meeting the band (less the drummer) before they went on stage and getting my photo taken was fantastic.
While they have been around for years and have multiple albums out I truly hope they both continue to be successful and grow in popularity/fame. From talking to them they seem down to earth and I hope that lasts, no doubt as they follow in the footsteps of the Arctic Monkeys.


On a boat (The Lonely Island would be proud)

The stage being prepared (and one of the opening acts)

Playing 1
A small venue (the drummer was tucked away behind the lead)

Playing 2
Vocals on point!

Meeting (most of) the band before they performed