Retrospective (2022)

2023, January 08    

The start of another year has arrived and in the days that followed I spent time looking back at 2022 and how things played out, and how I hope to shape 2023 for the better. While I think it's easy to 'that is so last year' and simply move on, I believe if we don't look back at the good/bad we may inevitably repeat the same mistakes. So here is my take on 2022, and what I hope to make of 2023.

One of the biggest changes of 2022 for me was the change of job, switching from consulting to working for an end-customer. After racking up over 10 years of worldwide consulting (and the stress/added miles it brings), I finally switched to working for a singular customer/employer where I can make the most difference (and have been). The reduction in stress that has come with this change, and being able to see friends more frequently has definitely made this a change for the better.

On the relationship front I met someone amazing, who to this day shows me happiness I didn't think possible. Our months together have made me truly appreciate life and the memories that have been made. As our 1-year mark approaches I live in hope that we stand the test of time.

I continued to write my blog posts/articles, even if switching to a fortnightly release to make things a little easier. It was fun writing about my old tech projects (with the occasional trip down memory lane), and does leave me looking forward to writing more this year.

From a medical perspective my weight-loss continued, however other challenges arose which sadly put a downer on the year. Even when writing this not all challenges have been resolved, and unfortunately at least one of them will likely persist throughout 2023.

I switched to an EV for a few different reasons, and while overall it has been ok there is definitely an upcoming article on the many challenges that I've faced with this, and the ongoing headaches that still haven't been resolved.

I went to / was involved in my first Indian wedding (of a close friend), which was an amazing experience with some amazing photos. It was also my first time wearing an Indian gown (that was graciously made for me) which was another great experience.

Finally, to finish the yeah in style (frustration) came the 2022 Xmas lights, with the added complexities of always trying to beat the previous year while trying to keep everything operational. An overall success that put smiles on the faces of many people, though how to top this in 2023 will take some serious planning!

As for 2023, I'd say my goals are significant but worthwhile:

  • Improve my work/life balance
  • Improve my overall fitness (again)
  • Continue writing my blog posts/articles (at least one every 2 weeks)
  • Relax more / travel more
I hope that 2023 is a great year for everyone and that given the chaos of the last few years things finally improve :-)