Vegetarian Food Review (Part 2)

2022, Jun 05    

Continuing my previous article of the tastes and trials of some of the vegetarian/vegan food that is available from most supermarkets comes part 2, with 7 more items being tested.

Vege Food
A different mix this time

Wicked Kitchen Mega Mac

This isn't a bad mac truth be told, though it does lack salt and pepper and is a touch watery if you cook it for the recommended time. The important thing to note is that it is VERY heavy on the garlic. I made the mistake of taking half of it to work to eat the next day, only to apologise to those sat near me because it was that strong. Still, with basic condiments and cooking it slightly longer its nice to eat.

Wicked Kitchen Korean Inspired BBQ Skewer Kit

These had me perplexed as while the pieces of substitute meat have a good texture, the sauce that is included is very weak and really doesn't compliment it. I found that removing the pieces from the skewers and using my own sauce made for a better meal.

Wicked Kitchen Garlic & Herb Kebabs

I really wanted something nice to write about these, but truthfully they weren't enjoyable. Despite being cooked for the recommended time and at the recommended temperature these were very tough, and the included sauce was all garlic and no herb. A real shame, but honestly I'd avoid these.

Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Style Bangers

These definitely look the part and the texture is good (the filling is not as tough as other vegetarian/vegan sausages I have tried). The flavour sadly was a little lacking when eating them on their own, though adding some sauce into the mix makes them a good sausage alternative.

Wicked Kitchen Spinach & Wild Garlic Ravioli

Cooking these reminded me of gluten-free ravioli as they fell apart when cooking with very little heat. The ones that did manage to stay together tasted very bland, to the point where I had to check water hadn't gotten inside the ravioli and diluted the contents. Adding sauce to these makes them passable, but they really don't stand on their own.

Walls Tasty Vegan Jumbo Roll

This one wins the award for worst sausage roll in my mind, beating that of every other sausage roll I've ever tried and something I was once asked to eat which may have been a sausage roll or may have just been a piece of cardboard...
This lacked flavour both in the pastry and the filling. I deliberately split it in half to oven cook it to see if it was better hot or cold, and in both cases it tasted bland. I really don't know how this passed taste-testing / feedback because it is awful.

Tesco Free From Strawberry Cheesecake

While I was expecting this to taste a little different, it actually became unpleasing by the end. The base was soggy rather than the biscuit-style you would expect, the further down you got the more there it tasted powdery, and the sauce on the top left a strange aftertaste that I couldn't place. As there are plenty of vegetarian/vegan desserts available that really do taste good, choose something else.