SDR: Beginning

Getting started with Software Defined Radio


Striving for resiliency, one connection at a time

Tech: HomeMQ

Episode 10 of my tech projects from days past

BT Broadband

The lengthy frustrations of a poor ISP

Dual SIM

Experiencing the benefits (and pitfalls) of using dual mobile providers

Streaming Services

My thoughts on the current fragmentation and cost increases

Borg Origin

My take on their origin, their mentality, and a possible future


A viable approach to adding OS-independent control to a system


The desirable PDA of my childhood

IBM x3650 M4

A bargain from the v2 Xeon days

Temtop M2000

Easier breathing for everyone, one room at a time

Borg Computer Case

A nice take on a Sci-Fi concept, even with the transport damage

Beach Life

Enjoying an old classic, one drunken resort at a time

Cognitive Decline

A view on how our surroundings and choices may contribute to our 'brain drain'

Dark TV

A glimpse into what television could become when only the ratings matter

Lenovo M920q

A slim server for all the home labs out there

Sony Vaio Picturebook

One of the influencers of the modern-day ultrabook, complete with Windows 98!

Apple iMac G4

Resurrecting one of the oddest designed systems of an era

Sony Vaio Lifestyle

Piecing together one of the prettiest laptops ever made

Samsung NC10

Keeping an old classic running for as long as I can

Gemini PDA

The joys (and pains) of a classic device recreated

The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a man who liked working on things...